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Who We Are

ALFOURAT FOR FEED ADDITIVES we are specialized in manufacturing premixes and the feed additives, our success is because we are trying to do the best and giving the creative resolution to our customers that make us to work hard, expand our developments and doing a creative ideas . we are very accurate in producing our products that makes us use the highest technology that the world has been reached until now.

Organically Sourced.
Beautifully Served.

The factory is in Sixth Industrial Area, El- Sadat – Menoufia – Egypt. The output is 5 ton/hour. – We use the European strategy to give a qualified product. We facilitate the transference to the customers by our trucks. We analyse the contents of product vitamins and mineral with accuracy to give the product with the highest quality. Our company help you in client servicing by our consultative team in feeding and curing the domestic animals. We have most pioneers’ client around Egypt. Export to Arab and African countries.
Our message

To know the customer needs and produce it.

Invest the available capabilities in our company:

  • The modern European machines.
  • Employing experienced and qualified employers.
  • Making good deals with the most important and international organization to gain from its cumulative experience, that will decrease the riskiness and increase the safety to gain the big satisfaction of customers.

The permanent developing in our products and making high surveillance to the quality of products.

Our Goals

We aim to be one of the best pioneers companies in manufacturing feed additives and premixes with a beast quality, to make a common utility between ours and the customers, we aim to have big quality and the trust to the customer.

Our Vision

Our Team: To be one family, Connected together to create the best forever.

Products: Provide a valuable products to customers.

Suppliers: build powerful business relations with trustful suppliers to achieve the best quality.

Society: to be on the level of responsibility in serving society and our nation.

Customers: we are trust that the customer reserve to have the best and the full satisfaction.